A Little Self-Reflecting

I wish I could find a happy medium between living in Ottawa and being at home. When I'm home, I feel an inner peace that I don't have while I'm away. I'd like to find a school that's closer but if I was to do that then I'd have to move back home. And the … Continue reading A Little Self-Reflecting


To Be Single or Not to Be Single

I feel like Wednesdays are gonna be the days I usually post but I don't wanna commit to that because once I actually do, that's when I lose motivation to keep it up cause I feel pressured lol. That's probably a sign of like commitment issues but who knows really I didn't have much of … Continue reading To Be Single or Not to Be Single


First of all, I'm shocked by how much love my last post got!! Thank you guys for reading and even though it really wasn't that much, I appreciate it because I'm used to getting no response at all lol Last week I was unmotivated but now I'm just frustrated. I feel like I'm working towards … Continue reading Ugh