First of all, I’m shocked by how much love my last post got!! Thank you guys for reading and even though it really wasn’t that much, I appreciate it because I’m used to getting no response at all lol

Last week I was unmotivated but now I’m just frustrated. I feel like I’m working towards my goals except for this whole weight thing. I know it’s a slow process to lose weight but I can easily admit that I’m someone who likes to see fast results. A weakness of mine is giving up when things don’t instantly work out in my favor. Not the best attribute to have but I’m working on it.

I’m mainly frustrated because I just wanna lose weight!!! I just want to be a little smaller that’s it!!! My goal was never to be “thin” or “skinny”. I just wanna be able to go into any store I want and know everything will fit me. I’m a big girl but I’m not huge. However, shopping in these modern times can be extremely difficult considering the consensus is that anything size 12 and up is plus size (which is crazy!!). Another thing is that I really don’t enjoy working out lol. But I know it’s just something I have to do. It’s hard for me to exercise on my own; I need someone to actually coach me. A personal trainer would be so beneficial in my case but it’s not something I can afford unfortunately. I just wanna be able to lose 40 pounds but not have to work my ass off for 5 fucking months to do it. Call me lazy but I’m just being honest. And I love food! I’ve tried starving myself, intermittent fasting, going vegan, smoothie diets and whatever else you can think of but there’s nothing I enjoy more than a hearty meal. I feel like I gain weight no matter what I eat so it’s just super irritating.

Over the past week, I’ve managed to do little 10 minute workouts everyday with the help of youtube. I’m proud of myself for that but my diet is what really needs help. I know I just need to keep at it but I’m just annoyed at how long it’ll take to see results. But I will try to hang in there.



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