Oh it’s litttttttttt


I’ve always wanted to start a blog but eventually got lazy.

But this time I’m doing it and hopefully I can stick to it (cross our fingers)

I think it should be fun. I’m gonna take more of a diary approach to this and see how it works. I’m not down for stuffy and formal writing – I do enough of that at school. I can swear and shit here 🙂 I’ll just make sure my mom doesn’t read it or she’ll get mad at me.

A whole lot of stuff goes through my mind and I like the idea of sharing them with people I trust but I’m just not good with face to face conversation. Now I can hide behind a screen and not be afraid of being judged to my face!!! You can judge me all you want but at least you’re behind your computer, cellphone, or whatever thing people use now. Wow. That statement literally made me sound like a grandma.

Anyways, for a first post, this made no sense. That’s pretty much gonna be the majority of what happens here so be prepared. I’m pretty excited for what’s gonna come from and like, thanks for reading. I’m still trying to decide if this is stupid or not but it’s cool you came by.



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